Amplified Intelligence For ISVs And Enterprises

Organizations are increasingly leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to transform every aspect of their business. Whether you are developing cutting-edge AI & ML platforms or consuming them, Calsoft, with its deep knowledge of the AI & ML space and established processes, can partner with you in your digital transformation journey. We support enterprises with strategy consulting, project implementation, and managed analytics across these areas. Our platform for Creating Differentiation using Data

AI/ML Services

Threat & Fraud Analysis

Check the security posture of your product and take proactive and preventive measures against cyber-attack and fraud; adhere to all industry-standard and governmental regulatory compliances relevant to your business.

Customer Experience Analytics

Make strategic decisions by using the data generated from the way customers interact with your brand; gauge public opinion about your product; analyze how your platform’s performance matches up to the end user’s expectations in terms of usability to elicit customer delight.

Price Optimization

Use predictive analytics to segment products; build a price recommendation engine; or generate store-specific reports.

Data Governance

Effectively manage, maintain, integrate, and secure your data efficiently by leveraging our end-to-end data governance services
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Location-based Targeting

Ensure meaningful interactions with your target customers and prospects within a defined geographical boundary and time zone.

Smart Datacenter Operations

Automate the alerts & logs of an IaaS application in a data center, and those of an IoT-ized smart city command center, and more.

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Bots strategy, platform & web development, cloud hosting, predictive expenses, data monetization platform, and more.


Build, deploy, and manage enterprise-class infrastructure to facilitate smooth AI integration; apply intelligent data insights to automate and enhance your IT operations, deploy AI solutions by leveraging DevOps; and more.


Incorporate AI & ML algorithms into your IT processes for optimal resource allocation, reduced downtimes, and faster query resolution.


Data strategy & roadmap, data modeling & architecture, reporting & dashboards, data integration, data security, and more.


Data quality & data harmonization plans; univariate and multivariate analyses; data governance rules analysis & data transformation workflow; data management requirements gathering; requirement analysis for integration with external data sources; evaluation of data cleaning tools; and more.


Predictive analytics, recommendation engines, visual analytics, statistical modeling, technology stack standardization, and more.

Our Focus Areas

We support enterprises with strategy consulting, project implementation, and managed analytics across these areas.

Services Coverage

AL/ML Reference Diagram

Industry Coverage


Digital Innovation, AI/ML-enabled Solutions, AI-driven Testing, and more

Data Centers

ITOps driven by AI, Infrastructure Automation, Data Science & Engineering, and more

Networking & Telecom

Targeted AI/ML services for Service Providers, Equipment Manufacturers, ISVs


Price Optimization, Data Quality Management, Inventory Management, Loyalty Analytics, and more

Service Coverage

Product Engineering

AI Platform & Web Development, Building & Management of Infrastructure for AI Integration, and more


AIOps, Strategy Consulting, Project Implementation, and Managed Analytics, and more


Defect Management & Analytics, AIOps, Product Integration, and more

Intelligent IT

Smart Analytics, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Management, and more

Sustaining & Support

Sustaining Engineering, Product End of Life Management, Product Documentation, and more

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