NSX Hardware VTEP Integration

NSX Hardware VTEP Integration

Server virtualization has become the standard technology that is deployed in today’s software defined data-centres. VMware NSX was pioneered on the same line with massive software capabilities for the networking and security layer. In VMware NSX, virtual networks can be provisioned within a few seconds and can be managed independently. VTEP basically maps physical ports and VLANs on those ports to logical networks so that any physical device can participate in a given logical network; communicating with the virtual machines that are also connected to that logical network. NSX HW VTEP integration gives application owners the ability to bridge the logical L2 networking layer i.e. NSX Logical Switches with VLANs.

Key takeaways from this podcast:

  • VMware and NSX
  • Adding Hardware Gateways to NSX
  • Virtual Tunnel End Points
  • NSX HW VTEP Integration
  • NSX OVSDB Handshake

About The Speaker

Misbah Khan

Sr. Principal Engineer

Misbah is a Senior Principal Engineer at Calsoft. He has worked on multiple projects with us, primarily focused on the design and development of software applications along with providing strategic software solutions to multiple partners. He specializes in the virtualization and the networking domains.