End-to-end Testing Services

Software testing can become a tedious process with the continuous testing and implementation cycles. To reduce the costs and time associated with the testing process, software companies prefer to outsource the testing activities so they can focus on their core business objectives without additional resources being diverted to testing. Calsoft testing experts support such software companies with end-to-end testing services.

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API Testing

Our testing solutions operate at every layer of the application. We conduct API testing at the message layer where we perform integration testing to check the functionality, security, performance, and reliability of the software product that’s being tested.


VNX Provisioning Automation

Calsoft engaged with the client for VNX Provisioning Automation including Navisphere management from within VI client and verification of REST APIs.

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Unified, Behavior Driven Testing of Enterprise Object Store

Calsoft engaged with an enterprise object store in developing Functional & System Test Automation Framework based on a Behavior Driven Testing (BDT) methodology.

Behavior Driven Testing

The BDT process focuses more on the user’s behavior than the software’s technical functionalities. Its benefits include better collaboration between QA, Analysts, and Dev; easier reviews; low costs; and greater ROI. Our testing team assists with BDT using the latest tools and approaches.


Protocol Conformance

For any product, adherence to certain industry standards & protocols is of prime importance as it determines its reliability and trust among its end users. We help in validating the features of a software against pre-defined protocols, standards, and regulations with our conformance testing services.


Testing for High End NAS Server

Calsoft assisted the customer in the gap analysis of their existing test approach and augmented their NAS testing to the next level.


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Key Highlights

QA and Automation of an SDN Product

The client is a startup that provides software to solve networking problems for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds. Calsoft was engaged to test the features of the client’s software-defined networking (SDN) product within OpenStack and VMware environments.

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