Deciphering GCP and its Use Cases

Using cloud platforms and services can help majorly gain a competitive edge and add value to your business. By making an informed decision regarding the right choice of cloud platform and services can save a trench of money. Most enterprises are opting for public cloud services or hybrid cloud services. In this volume, we have tried to focus on the public cloud services and their use cases by unlocking their value for maximum business benefits. This research article focuses on the use cases of GCP and public cloud storage, and the benefits that enterprises are likely to leverage. The entire essence of the volume focus on applications of Google Cloud services and the future it holds.

This research report touches upon some of the crucial points such as:

  • Creating business value with Cloud
  • Recapping Public Cloud
  • Google Cloud’s shared responsibility model
  • Google Cloud Platform – Cloud Storage

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It covers:


Definition and importance of endpoint security


How endpoint security is different from endpoint protection


Which elements are secured using endpoint security?


The process of implementing endpoint security


Steps for choosing a relevant endpoint solution as per business needs


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