In-Sprint Automation Services

Software development teams focus on delivering software as expected by the customer and in the whole process, some of the defects in the software can sneak into the final product. Test automation ensures the software is tested to determine the gaps between the actual outcomes and the predicted outcomes. Calsoft’s test experts help customers in building and executing test automation and controlling the test results to deliver quality software within time and budget.

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GUI Testing

A product that doesn’t satisfy or align with the end user’s expectations can be a huge blow to business. We help our customers in implementing a variety of test cases for testing the graphical user interface of their software as per the end user specifications.


GUI Development and Testing For SSD/Flash Drive

Calsoft supported the customer with GUI development and testing of SSD/Flash drive, helping eliminate I/O bottleneck in a virtualized environment and making the GUI more user-friendly.

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Aptos Test Automation

Calsoft assisted the customer in developing test automation for Aptos product functionality that helped in enhancing the product’s quality.

API-Driven Testing

Our testing solutions operate at every layer of the application. We perform API testing at the message layer where we perform integration testing to check the functionality, security, and performance of the software application.


Continuous Testing

We implement continuous testing – testing early, testing often, testing everywhere, automating testing – for the rapid release of your software. This involves the execution of automated test cases combined with the delivery pipeline and it provides feedback to developers for continuous improvement.

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Test Tools for Microservices Security Platform

Calsoft engaged with the customer to develop microservices application for stress testing their Security platform


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Key Highlights

Deployment and Test Automation of Azure Components

Calsoft was engaged with the client to develop scripts to automate the deployment of various components on Azure Cloud. Also automated the complete test suite.

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