SAN Storage Roadmap

Connection Between AI And Storage

Calsoft’s latest podcast on the SAN Storage Roadmap talks about the technological advancements that storage vendors have made but the implementations by end customers are still legacy based. Are you facing the same issues with RDMA implementation? The podcast speaks about that and much more:

  • Personality of SAN storage vendors today
  • Is all flash arrays the new big thing?
  • iSCSI and its importance
  • RDMA deployment’s
  • The impact of high speed flash drives and advanced CPU’s on the storage industry
  • The biggest SAN storage advancement in 2016

About The Speaker

Nixon Vincent

 (Senior Principal QA), Calsoft

Nixon Vincent is a Senior Principal QA at Calsoft. He is an expert in Storage domain with a focus on SAN technologies. He has more than 10 years of experience, working on high impact storage profiles like Virtualization, SDS, ScaleOut.