Role of AI in Modern UX

Role of AI in Modern UX

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can help us automate repetitive tasks and free up our time to focus on the more strategic side to design experiences that are more personalized, relevant, smart, and efficient for the users.

This podcast is designed for designers, digital experience heads, product managers, and other key decision-makers and influencers to help them leverage the latest technologies to design an exceptional user experience. In this podcast you will learn:

  • AI Industry Overview
  • AI Forecast in Statistics
  • History of AI & UX
  • Why combine AI with UX
  • UX Framework
  • Role of AI in UX

About The Speaker

Hrishikesh Bhosale

Principal UX Designer

Hrishikesh brings with him over 8 years of UX experience. He has worked closely with Project Managers, stakeholders, and engineers to define, construct, and improve the user experience at every stage of the product life cycle.