Demystifying Kubernetes Networking for Edge Applications Part 2

Delve deeper into what our webinar is all about!

The second in a two-part series, this webinar was the sequel to Calsoft’s “Demystifying Kubernetes for Edge”. In the previous webinar, the host Nitin Singhvi tackled the advantages, challenges, and use cases of Kubernetes for Edge. You can find a recording of the previous webinar here. 


Kubernetes has emerged as the clear winner for many companies during the shift to Edge computing. Infrastructure-agnostic and capable of managing different kinds of workloads running on different kinds of compute resources, Kubernetes is considered indispensable.  

Even so, many companies still lack the knowledge or skill to deploy Kubernetes effectively. Kubernetes’ Networking capabilities are foundational to its success, and yet many companies cannot make full use of them.  

On 19th August 2021, Calsoft presented a webinar titled “Demystifying Kubernetes Networking for Edge Applications”, which touched upon various Kubernetes networking models for Edge applications, various CNI options available, and went into topics such aslike Kubernetes networking and the best ways to go about it, the tools you need and its primary use cases for developers & businesses. Click the link below to request the recording.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Networking requirements for K8S based Edge Computing applications
  • Fundamentals of K8S Networking models
  • (Container-to-Container, Pod-to-Pod, Pod-to-Service, Internet-to-Service networking
  • Introduction to available CNI options such as Calico, Multus, OVS-DPDK, OVN, Cilium, etc
  • Dive into high-speed CNIs & how they work
  • Use cases for Developers and Businesses
  • Q&A


Nitin Singhvi

Associate VP – Technology

Nitin is a veteran engineering leader with ample industry experience across various technology & management domains such as SDN, NFV/VNF, Kubernetes, Edge Computing, O-RAN, Public Cloud, Networking, Storage, OpenStack, as well as innovation leadership, solution engineering, and team building.

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