Demystifying Kubernetes for Edge

Delve deeper into what our upcoming live webinar is all about!

Date: Friday, 21st May 2021 | Time: 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM PST

As more and more IoT-enabled smart devices are connected to the cloud, the need for quick, real-time operations has increased by leaps and bounds. Market trends require IoT solutions to deploy new features & updates quickly & repeatedly. The upward tick in enterprises shifting their workloads to the cloud and leveraging Kubernetes for Edge computing has been significant, especially since the pandemic.

Kubernetes provides a unified development model, the ability to scale, and lightning-fast deployment speeds. Similarly, the Kubernetes architecture provides a common layer of abstraction across different environments, it is designed to be extensible and has a rapidly expanding community of open source ecosystems. This makes Kubernetes the #1 enabler for edge computing.

And we can say this because we have helped several customers in this space. Some of our key engagements include our contribution to the Akraino Edge stack; building an IoT application on top of KubeEdge; Edge app demo with e2e network slicing, and many more.

Calsoft is happy to host a free webinar titled “Demystifying Kubernetes for Edge”, which will touch upon how Kubernetes simplifies Edge deployment, along with the most sought-after solutions to real Edge implementation challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Role of Kubernetes in simplifying Edge deployment
  • Dissecting the layers of Edge architecture and its challenges related to deployment, scaling, debugging, and more.
  • From cloud native to Edge computing: Kubernetes use cases
  • Kubernetes at scale: Trends analysis, need of adoption, and benefits

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Nitin Singhvi

Associate VP – Technology

Nitin is a veteran engineering leader with ample industry experience across various technology & management domains such as SDN, NFV/VNF, Kubernetes, Edge Computing, O-RAN, Public Cloud, Networking, Storage, OpenStack, as well as innovation leadership, solution engineering, and team building.

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