Enterprise Data Governance Program (Data Catalog & Lineage Management)

Challenge it addresses

  • 5000 employees and hundreds of systems
  • Units and people across the enterprise were not in full agreement on the understanding of fundamental entities such as ‘Customer’
  • Data mastering systems/SVoTs were not consistently defined across the enterprise; integration decisions were localized rather than following a consistent framework
  • It was impossible to deliver predictable results in Change Management
  • Impact analysis
  • Project sizing and planning


  • Enterprise Data Quality Scorecard provided MIS interfaces for insight and oversight
  • Causal Analysis Reports helped identify weak areas and causes of data quality issues
  • Financial and reputational impact due to low data quality was mitigated
  • Business stakeholders could be assured that data will be complete, accurate, timely, and suitable for business decision making, communications, and reporting; they were able to have a forum to report and receive service for data quality issues
Current Opportunities