OpenStack Trends Analysis

The industry today has reached a stage where IT decision makers are not questioning “if” they should begin their cloud journey, but rather “how” they can make cloud work. Since most enterprises operate or plan to operate in a hybrid cloud environment, the path has been paved for the emergence of OpenStack, an open and flexible cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds. OpenStack delivers the foundation for speedy development, testing and deployment of business-critical and enormously scalable applications.

Calsoft is an early adopter of cloud technology and promotes OpenStack’s mission to develop cutting-edge open source software solutions for product companies on private and public clouds. To this end, we have created an ebook which introduces basic information about OpenStack and provides an overview of its use cases. Further, it analyzes statistics around participation, usage and reasons for choosing OpenStack. The ebook also highlights the latest developments and updates in the OpenStack arena.

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