Data Protection 2018 – Your Guide to Forecast, Use Cases, Industry Insights & Trends

We are witnessing a rapid growth in production, process and storage of digital data with the exponential growth of electronic devices, mobile and smart devices. All the data stored on data centers of organizations in digital service providers, government, finance, industrial or healthcare industries. ‘Data’ has suddenly become very critical for organizations as well as individuals as shared data consist of information including health, financial or crucial information related to businesses. Many vendors have emerged and are offering solutions, products and services for managing data storage (backup/restoration), disaster recovery and ensure privacy by enabling security measures to servers holding data. Various technologies and compliance guidelines are also governing the data held with organizations.

In this ebook we will focus light on

  • What is Data Protection
  • What technologies are used in data protection
  • Public and Mobile data protection
  • What is GDPR
  • Solutions and Product Vendor Ecosystem
  • Market Forecasts and Predictions
  • Data Protection Trends
  • Data Protection Use Cases
  • Key Partnerships and Platform Launches

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