The prodigies of the Kubernetes platform for container orchestration are not unknown now, especially after the rapid adoption of container technology throughout the industry.

Calsoft’s proven expertise in the container engineering space helps overcome all types of security, storage, and networking challenges faced while deploying Kubernetes. Switching to the microservices architecture and handling the associated complexities requires expert support with demonstrated use cases. Kubernetes uses associated cloud-native technologies to provide complete, orchestrated services.

Calsoft provides customized or ready-to-use integration solutions based on the application’s requirement. Here are a few instances to demonstrate our capabilities:

Kubernetes deployment and container orchestration: To smoothen your transition to Kubernetes and orchestrate containers in the implemented microservices architecture

Platform integration: Development of communication interfaces between internal and external modules in the application, and external cloud integration

Network plug-in development: This includes CNI and CSI plug-ins for easy interoperability, and traffic and cluster management

Kubernetes security: Kubernetes is often confused as a container security tool, but it is a container orchestration tool. For Kubernetes security, we need to integrate other tools to secure the containers, servers, and detect any malicious activities and attacks.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, we have many other implementations across storage, workloads such as volume provisioning, volume cloning, scheduling, pod management, load balancing, workload management, workload sailing, and cloud-native security.

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