Technical Paper – Federated Cloud File System Framework

Calsoft presented following paper at SNIA SDC, Bangalore 2015 –

Federated Cloud File System Framework – Hybrid Clouds makes use of multiple cloud storages for various reasons ranging from performance to security. Some of the major challenge is to, manage distributed cloud storage data, view them in consolidated and drive automatic placement of data onto various cloud storages, in a seamless manner. We present the architecture of the framework which is in line with the concepts proposed in the FedFS (Federated File System Framework), where servers of different protocols can form and serve a common namespace.


Overall the system offers a distributed and federated cloud storage, with benefits like uniform namespace and multi-protocol access to the data, which could be a key for distributed applications and deployments. This would make the adoption of hybrid cloud seamless and easy.

Author / Presenter: Ujjwal Lanjewar, Principal Architect, Calsoft Inc.

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