Amalgamation of 3G Mobile Services, Cloud Services, and Storage Technology

The advent of mobile 3G services has made it possible to consume third generation digital facilities like video conferencing, on-line streaming of live audio / video, and other digital content on the go. This has led to an exponential growth in the amount of storage required on mobile devices for personal files such as photos, videos, audio, etc. This data needs to be available to the user around the clock, all days of the year. The data also needs to be backed-up for disaster recovery, in the event that the mobile device is replaced, stolen, or damaged.

Data retention and unlimited storage can be easily made available through the use of Mobile Storage Area Network, commonly called mSAN. This paper discusses how mSAN can be used to solve problems associated with direct attached storage, and how mobile data can be made portable so that it is available on other mobile as well as non-mobile devices such as personal computers.

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