Data Governance: Resolving Data Challenges in the Retail Sector

Retailers are experiencing major challenges due to inconsistent, unreliable, and incomplete data. Data governance practices are helping retail businesses to make sense of their data by integrating this information and increasing transparency and visibility. This research article covers the end-to-end data governance and data quality approach that’s helping the Retail and E-commerce industry reap business benefits.

Calsoft’s Data Governance services help with the right tools, processes, and knowledge required to establish end-to-end data governance and data quality program in the retail and e-commerce industry. Our data experts support at every stage – right from the assessment of the current state, gap analysis, to platform development. In this article, you will see solutions to the data challenges faced by retailers and the features & benefits of data governance practices.

Major Data Challenges faced by Retailers:

  • Multiple Stages in Buyer’s Journey
  • Outdated Data Management Practices
  • Data Security

Features & Benefits of Data Governance:

  • Project Planning and Technical Change Management
  • Data Quality Improvement
  • Augment and (eventually) Replace Tribal Knowledge
  • Cleanse Pockets of Retired and Redundant Data
  • Compliance and Auditability
  • Data Discovery

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