Sharmila Bhide

Sharmila Bhide is the co-founder of Calsoft Inc. Sharmila is responsible for shaping all aspects of the company’s business strategies and spearheading financial planning and strategy initiatives. Prior to co-founding Calsoft, Sharmila was a Product Manager at Oracle where she led the design of the Oracle Receivables application. She played a critical role in adding cross-product features to Oracle’s financial suites such as Oracle Payables and General Ledger. Before joining Oracle, Sharmila pioneered the development of an integrated portfolio management, accounting, and tax software package for hedge funds at Hedgeware. She holds a MBA from the Yale School of Management and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Chief Operating Officer
Parag Kulkarni

Parag Kulkarni is chief operations officer at Calsoft. Parag is an industry veteran, bringing more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing complex technology products. Parag drives the technology roadmap at Calsoft to improve the overall quality of delivery processes. Before joining Calsoft, Parag held key positions at Veritas (formerly Symantec) where he conceived the Database Edition Product for Windows and led its delivery through two product lines – Database Edition for Microsoft (R) Exchange Server and Database Edition for Microsoft (R) SQL Server. Prior to his role at Veritas, he was a key contributor to Informix Corporation’s line of database products, now acquired by IBM. Parag holds a master’s degree in computer science from IIT, Roorkee and a bachelor’s degree in industrial management from University of Indore, India.

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