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Rethink Your Network Security with Us
Get a blueprint for comprehensive network security with our end-to-end services to secure networks.
Network security is not just about network protection, it covers an array of technologies, devices, processes, and practices adopted to prevent, detect, and monitor any unauthorized access, denial, and alteration of the network and network resources.
Calsoft helps in taking preventive measures to protect the end-to-end network infrastructure, right from the end to the edge of the network.

Our QA and automation experts continuously monitor and identify risks, and assist with compliance & best practices to ensure end-to-end network security.

Get a simplified network automation framework to scan for vulnerabilities without any human intervention.

Leverage our customized validation solutions to authenticate the deployed security solutions for complete network protection.

Achieve maximum business integrity with our cross-platform integration solutions for a unified experience, ease of operations, and increased efficiency.

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Thought Leadership

Guide to Network Security Key Considerations

This is a time to brace for the new challenges coming in subsequent years. It’s a good time to check the readiness of the organization for any kind of emergencies related to security and implement new processes to ensure end-to-end security.

Enterprise Network Security & Key Threats in the COVID-19 Era

Enterprises need to accept that COVID-19 has triggered a global reboot of current security practices, calling for a strategic upgrade in security approaches.

Software-Defined Security – Future of Network Security

Network security has been into existence ever since the computers and computer networks came into picture. Network security is as critical and significant as the operating system in every computer.

Towards the Intelligent Network Security with Software Defined Networking (SDN)

n this era, realizing how network infrastructure is important to experience the benefits offered by lucrative technology innovations like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

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