Calsoft partners with Octopai for simplifying cloud migration with data lineage

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This collaborative webinar focused on accelerating the cloud migration journey for an enterprise having a complex data ecosystem. 

January 12, 2023, San Jose, CA: Calsoft webinars always receive an exceptional response from technology enthusiasts. Calsoft and its partner Octopai co-hosted a webinar titled, “5 Cloud Migration Pitfalls to Avoid with Data Lineage,” to solve the cloud migration complexities using data lineage.  

Increasing data and a need to adopt Cloud for flexibility are making enterprises migrate to the cloud. But, complexities in the data ecosystem and hybrid infrastructure make the process more prone to failure.  

The webinar aimed to address the five main challenges causing these debacles. The webinar not only identified these critical challenges but also provided a solution for each one of them using data lineage. 

Expert speakers of this webinar were, Mr. Vikram Shibad, Data Architect at Calsoft, and Mr. Nissim Ohayon, Global Business Director at Octopai. To navigate through the insightful discussions between Vikram and Nissim, Calsoft’s VP of engineering, Mr. Vipin Shankar, also contributed by being the webinar moderator.  

The webinar started with an analysis of the number of enterprises migrating or planning to migrate to the cloud in 2023. A discussion explored the current trends around cloud migration, which led to the challenges surfacing these journeys.  

Speakers explained how achieving multiple milestones during this migration journey can become a challenge. From the scope of migration and prioritization to delivery goals and risk factors, various segments were analyzed to determine the top challenges.  

At the core of this webinar, speakers interacted with the audience to know their stage in the migration journey and the challenges that they might be facing. Further, best practices to streamline data, analyze it, and use it for effective migration were shared.  

A detailed demo and walk-through of Octopai’s data lineage platform made the webinar more interesting and insightful. The clear phases to leverage Octopai’s data lineage platform and Calsoft’s expertise as a system integrator were also presented in the webinar. The webinar was followed by a Q&A session where the audience poured their queries and speakers answered promptly. 

“It is great collaborating with Vikram and Vipin for this webinar. Octopai is pleased to be working with Calsoft on a wide variety of data transformation and migration projects. This webinar is just to showcase how together we assist customers to successfully manage change events, providing extensive visibility into the impact of the changes at each stage of the project.”, says Nissim.

Insights from this webinar will be of great help to CXOs, engineering folks, cloud architects, cloud solution providers, data analysts, and those working in data quality, governance, and security segments.  

To access the webinar recording, click here. 

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About Speakers 

Vikram, who has 20+ years of experience in consulting and implementation of enterprise architecture, data analytics, and data governance, shared the best practices and migration remedies around modern analytics, which could help simplify data-related hurdles during cloud migration. 

Nissim, the director of global business development at Octopai, showcased the demo of Octopai’s data lineage platform and explained how it resolves major challenges during cloud migration. A walk-through of this platform revealed how enterprises could plan a successful cloud migration journey with the right data lineage expertise.  


About Calsoft  

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