Data Center Migration Services

Migration is the process of moving data, applications, and other resources from one environment to another. Companies face a range of challenges when performing these migrations, such as ensuring data integrity, minimizing downtime, and ensuring security. 

Calsoft offers a range of migration services to help businesses safely and efficiently move their data and resources. Our team of experts ensures minimal downtime and maximum data security throughout the entire migration process. Explore our data center migration services. 

Why Partner with Calsoft for Migration Services?  

Calsoft is a trusted partner for Migration Services, offering comprehensive solutions to help businesses move their data and resources safely and efficiently. Our team of certified and experienced engineers helps businesses minimize disruption while ensuring data integrity, security, and availability. 

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Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure: Design & Validation

Calsoft was engaged to provide a Linux-based solution for customer’s existing Data Migration Appliance.

Data Migration

Data migration can be a daunting process that needs assessing data quality, mapping fields, cleansing, processing, and transforming data while maintaining its integrity. We help businesses migrate their data from one system to another without any data loss or corruption for enhanced efficiency. 

Application Migration

Application migration helps businesses improve scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. But it’s a complex process and requires meticulous planning, we help businesses move their applications and software to new platforms with minimal disruption and using a systematic approach. 

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NSX V2T Migration Tool ​

Calsoft was engaged with the customer for the development of a migration tool that helps in migrating a virtual data center (VDC).

Datacenter Migration and Consolidation

Calsoft was engaged by the client to perform P2V2C migration. Key hurdles were large data (64TB), scattered over multiple servers and complex dependency between applications and with legacy storage infrastructure

Infrastructure Migration

Infrastructure migration can be a complex and critical process that needs to be carried out with minimal or no disruptions. We help businesses move their IT infrastructure to cloud platforms for improved scalability and flexibility.  

The Calsoft Advantage for Migration Services

Minimal disruption: Our migration services help businesses move their data, applications, and infrastructure with minimal disruption.
Data integrity: We ensure data integrity and security throughout the entire migration process.
Scalability and flexibility: Our migration services enable businesses to move their IT infrastructure to cloud platforms for improved scalability and flexibility.
Cost savings: Our migration solutions help businesses reduce their operational costs while ensuring optimal performance.

Contact us to learn how we can help you migrate your data, applications, and infrastructure.

Key Engagement

Platform for Contract Review

Calsoft recognized the need for an innovative solution and stepped in to empower contract managers. We have developed a cutting-edge platform powered by GPT technology, which revolutionizes the contract review...


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