Smart Accelerator Solutions and 5G Lab

Kickstart your development with our tailor-made, ready-to-use solutions, and get a feel of how automation can help you reap benefits in terms of time, efforts, and cost savings.


Making test cycles efficient

Our revolutionary ML-based Test Impact Analyzer tool is designed to optimize test cycles and improve overall efficiency for faster software delivery.

Embedding intelligence to business processes

Our smart platform helps businesses automate their processes and improve efficiency to reach faster GTM goals by applying intelligent machine learning algorithms.

5G Lab Solutions

Addressing your quest for efficiency

5G Network Function deployed on AWS Local Zones

Latency has become important with 5G evolution. Telco organizations are deploying 5G network function on a public cloud such as AWS, in such case, meeting low latency needs becomes very important. Calsoft developed a solution that helps telco deploy 5G on AWS with ease. Contact us to deploy 5G on AWS in our 5G Lab.

Edge Multi-cluster orchestrator (EMCO) on AWS

EMCO is a geo-distributed application orchestrator for Kubernetes and can interact with multiple edge clusters hosted on several platforms, be it public cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Calsoft has developed an intelligent solution to implement EMCO on AWS for smart edge orchestration. Contact us to try out EMCO on AWS in our 5G Lab.

AETHER in a Box (5G core deployment in a Box)

Aether™ is ONF’s new 5G Connected Edge platform. "Aether-in-a-box" is a compact version of the Aether™ platform. It offers mobile connectivity and edge cloud services to distributed enterprise networks. Calsoft provides an “Aether-in-a-box” deployment solution that is hosted on the AWS cloud. Contact us to try out AETHER in a Box in our 5G Lab.