An Exclusive Webinar

Everything about Everything as Code (EaC)

About The Webinar

Discover the key to unlocking IT agility and maximizing your engineering team’s potential. Join this on-demand webinar titled, Everything about Everything as Code (EaC).

As engineering teams strive for greater agility through cloud-native architectures and the decomposition of monoliths, effectively managing infrastructure, applications, and configurations becomes a challenge. EaC can be a valuable tool for the same and it can also help teams to increase consistency, reliability, scalability, agility, and security. 

This exclusive webinar uncovers invaluable insights from industry experts in Everything as Code, and Cloud & VMware technologies. Learn about the remarkable benefits of EaC. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the agile landscape of software development and DevOps landscape. Request recording of this thought-provoking and enlightening webinar. 

  • About Everything as Code (EaC) 
  • Types, Benefits, and Use Cases of EaC 
  • Role of VMware Aria for Effective Automation of EaC 

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About the speakers

Mr Adarsh Suparna

Product Line Manager, VMware

Product leader with experience in leading cross-functional teams to plan, build, launch, and manage world-class SaaS offerings. As Product Line Manager, in Aria Automation Adarsh is driving public cloud use cases. He has been in IT for more than 22 years with more than 8 years in product management in cloud and automation. 

Mr. Mohsin Khazi

Associate Technical Director, Calsoft Inc.

Mohsin has over 14 years of experience in building world-class solutions in the data center space. He has led multiple engagements in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing domains. He has extensive experience in designing and developing automation frameworks for QA (Quality Assurance) as well as Day#0 & Day#N automation.