Whiteboard Video – De-duplication

According to IDC, the amount of data that exists in the world is doubled every 24 months. At this rate, the digital universe is set to have a volume of 44 zettabytes by 2020. This figure is calculated by converting the 44 trillion gigabytes of data produced or copied in one year.

In this video, Mandar Shukla is expounding about how we can eliminate redundant copies of data & reduce the storage overhead using File & Block level De-duplication. This can be done by retaining only one unique instance of data on storage media. In the last few minutes of the video, Mandar has explained about – How Calsoft implemented Block level de-dupe for appliances, don’t miss it.

Here are the timelines (mm:ss) for this video-

  • Introduction – 00.00
  • File-level de-dupe – 00.26
  • Block level de-dupe – 03.00
  • Case Study – how Calsoft implemented Block level de-dupe for appliances – 07.50
  • Conclusion – 13.46

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About The Speaker

Mandar Shukla

Technical Solution Architect

Mandar is a Technology enthusiast & a DIYer, a curious soul interested in every small bit of gadgetry around. He has worked on storage, cloud, visual computing and data protection domain, with experience spanning 14 years, across multiple technology companies. He has played many roles from a feature QA owner to, DR strategy & solution development for data center, to leading a team for delivering end-to-end feature development of disaster recovery solution.