VNF Performance Benchmarking

Calsoft was engaged with the client for testing OpenStack based VIM platform for VNF deployment and performance benchmark testing.

The engagement primarily involved:
Leveraging OPNFV Functest framework for validation of OpenStack based cloud platform.
Using open source VNFs for platform validation: Clearwater Metaswitch IMS, OAI EPC, and Vyos Router
Benchmarking VIM with OPNFV Yardstick performance benchmarking suite
Performing end to end solution testing with commercially available vEPC VNFs on the cloud
Implementing vEPC network solution using overlay, underlay networks, MANO orchestrator, OpenStack services on enterprise-ready private cloud platform.
Benchmark results for VNFs and OpenStack based VIM running inside the NFV infrastructure.
VNFs in the setup can be replaced to compare VNF performance and OpenStack based VIM infrastructure stability.

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