Test Automation and Continuous Integration Using Jenkins

Test Automation and Continuous Integration Using Jenkins

Calsoft’s latest podcast talks about automation techniques and when, where and how is automation used. With the brisk pace of product development, quality being imperative and go-to-market strategies become more cut throat, time saved is money earned in product development. Moving away from the waterfall model to the agile development model has made development activities real-time with tangible benefits. Continuous integration or the development practice of sharing code with a central repository has taken precedence and the frameworks involved with it are heightened. This podcast throws light on:

  • Automation and it’s use
  • Does automation replace the manual tester entirely?
  • Is automation, software development?
  • Frameworks in the process of automation
  • Continuous Integration and it’s benefits
  • Tools available for continuous integration

About The Speaker

Pujan Jain

Senior Software Engineer

Nutan Nandanwar

Software Engineer

Samira Kumar Nanda

Automation Engineer

Pujan and Samira come with experience in GUI. They have been instrumental in designing frameworks as per project and business case needs which enables them to deliver world class quality products.
Nutan is a software engineer who works with end to end perspective and integration of various tools. She helps deliver end to end feature automation with minimal manual intervention