Software Defined Storage(SDS): Smart Storage

Software Defined Storage(SDS): Smart Storage

The textbook definition of Software Defined Storage is that the storage would be done by a software; it’s not that the software that is actually storing but the software is defining where to store. So the bottom line is that the hardware remain the same, but the controller or the processor of that physical storage would be done by a software. SDS architecture shifts the control plane from the data plane which means traditionally packaged storage features like data replication, deduplication etc. are included in a SDS offering along with a centralized management platform. This podcast delves into the details of the evolution of the need of SDS and the adoption path.

The points covered in this podcast are:

  • What is SDS?
  • Forces causing the need for SDS?
  • How Software-Defined Storage is different from Traditional SAN & NAS?
  • Master trends that ultimately drive the switch to SDS?
  • How is it helpful in data centres?
  • Market forecasted growth numbers
  • SDS Use cases
  • Upcoming trends in SDS solutions?

About The Speaker

Sadhvi Shorey

QA Engineer

She is a Quality Assurance Engineer at Calsoft. She has about 2 years’ experience in Virtualization and Network Attached Storage (NAS) domain. She has worked on various protocols like NDMP, CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, SAMBA etc.

Nitin Kale

Sr. Principal QA Engineer

Has close to 9 years of the Storage Domain experience in testing Enterprise class backup/restore applications. He has worked on testing of different NAS box like Hitachi NAS, NetApp also worked on VERITAS volume manager in SAN environment. Has also worked on different File/Block Serving protocols like NFS, iSCSI, NDMP and FTP.