Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

If you had an army of workers who could perform simple tasks with high accuracy and work 24/7, wouldn’t it make things easier? That’s what Robotic Process Automation promises! By training software bots to perform easily repeatable actions, you can free up precious time and energy for high-impact work. On this episode of the Calsoft Podcast, Prabhuti Prakash discusses how Robotic Process Automation can solve a number of problems for product development companies. Designed to emulate the way humans interact with software, RPA is making repetitive tasks much easier to perform. In this episode, Prabhuti discusses: How RPA Works The Benefits of RPA Pain Areas Resolved By RPA RPA Qualifiers Areas Supported By RPA

About The Speaker

Prabhuti Prakash

Solution Architect

Prabhuti is a TOGAF® certified Solutions Architect with 15+ years of Technical Work Experience in Global IT products/services industry in application assessment, designing, building and modernizing complex enterprise environments. He has extensive experience in Middleware and Enterprise Application Design and Implementation. His range of expertise includes Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Open systems-based Architecture consulting and Systems Integration & Deployment Governance.