Overview on Analytics in Storage

Overview on Analytics in Storage

“Analytics is playing a major role in transforming businesses today. The storage industry is no exception to it. Data gathered is crunched into numbers and the trends and patterns are formulated which later helps in proper decision making. In the case of storage, the data is collected on various metrics like IOPS, throughput, latency, block sizes etc. The analysis of these metrics provides insights of the application performance and to determine how well a storage solution is performing.

Storage Analytics can use performance data metrics like IOPS, latency etc. and provide information about the trends or anomalies in the performance, which a storage admin can observe and make decision if he needs to have additional disks or caching or replace any hardware etc. to ensure the good storage performance.

This podcast focuses on the below topics:

  • Storage analytics overview
  • Need for analytics in storage
  • Storage Analytics Insights

About The Speaker

Vanita Sutar

Principle Development Engineer

Working as Principle development engineer and, having 8.9 years of experience in software development in Java for storage, networking, virtualization web-based applications using Spring, REST, JSF, Struts.