NFS Protocol and Traditional File Systems

NFS Protocol and Traditional File Systems

A number of distributed file systems appeared in the 1980s in the Unix community including NFS, RFS, and AFS. By far, NFS has been the most successful, being used on thousands of Unix and non-Unix operating systems. In this Podcast, Sachin has discussed NFS protocol, different versions of NFS and Traditional File System.

About The Speaker

Sachin Mali

Sachin Mali – Sr. QA Technical Lead, Calsoft – Sachin has over 13 years of experience in the IT industry and a major part of it in storage and virtualization technologies. He is known for expertise in NFS protocol and Virtualization. In this podcast, Sachin will be throwing light upon DFS, NFS protocol, NFS all versions while providing a brief about its features. He will also be discussing in detail the traditional file system.