iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite

iSCSI Protocol Conformance Test Suite

For communicating with I/O devices, a bunch of protocols termed SCSI are required. iSCSI is the SCSI protocol mapped to TCP/IP and run over standard Ethernet technologies. In the process of developing the traditional bus structure into a TCP/IP networking SCSI structure, a great amount of complexity was added to iSCSI. Conformance testing is needed to assess whether a system meets iSCSI specified standards. iSCSI PCTS is a protocol testing and analyzing tool which allows users to confirm and validate the SCSI/iSCSI target for SCSI/iSCSI protocol and its related standards. SAN PCTS provides Storage Area Network (SAN) developers a mode for testing target behaviour in an IP based SAN environment.

Listen to Calsoft’s podcast to know more about iSCSI PCTS. Key takeaways from this podcast are:

  • SCSI/iSCSI Introduction
  • SCSI/iSCSI Initiator and Target
  • How to Test SCSI/iSCSI Protocol?
  • Test Coverage
  • Test Plan Strategy

About The Speaker

Rhushikesh Tandle

Senior Principal QA Engineer

He has more than 8 years of experience in software quality analysis. He has done file-system feature testing in SAN and NAS storage technologies. He has huge amount of experience in working with product and services companies.