Hyperautomation is enabling businesses to gain efficiency and improve productivity by amplifying an enterprise’s ability to automate work to leverage the benefits of faster, more standardized workflow processes. It helps in optimizing workflow allocation for faster completion of ensuring repetitive tasks. Everything leading to better business efficiency and productivity.

This podcast makes it easy to understand the functioning of Hyperautomation and its components. In this podcast you will learn:

  • The path to Hyperautomation
  • Key Components of Hyperautomation
  • Hyperautomation Process Flow
  • Challenges in Hyperautomation
  • Use cases of Hyperautomation
  • Future of Hyperautomation

About The Speaker

Viji Iyer

Associate Architect

Viji is having around 14 years of experience in QA. She worked in domains like Virtualization, VoIP, Telematics. and has automation experience in Java Selenium and scripting in Perl and Python. Prior to Calsoft she was working as Test Manager in the telematics group in KPIT.