Health of the System – QA Matrices

Health of the System – QA Matrices

Calsoft’s latest podcast talks about the finer nuances of the Agile way of software development testing and the matrices that can be derived from it. Since the Agile method of software development has taken precedence over the more traditional, waterfall model, users are more interested in how to successfully deliver an end product through the scrum methodology. Creating the right team and generating the right kinds of reports is important on a day-to-day basis and also to the decision makers who judge the dexterity and the success of a project. This podcast throws light on:

  •  The ideal team size for an Agile model
  •  Stand-up meetings
  •  What is a burn down chart
  •  What is sprint velocity
  •  How does defect trend help decision makers

About The Speaker

Sagar Abhyankar

Project Manager

agar Abhyankar is a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master, with 10+ years of experience in testing and delivering word class Products that were developed using Waterfall Model and Agile methods. He is now a Project Manager with a focus on QA Solutions at Calsoft.