Evolution of the Storage Ecosystem

Evolution of the Storage Ecosystem

From the years gone by, data is being generated by individuals, corporates and enterprises alike. With the rapid growth of data, storage needed to evolve and grow too. Technology that manages our data has been through a whirlwind change and different technologies offer different benefits. Cloud Integrated Storage or CIS was one such innovation that helps manage data remotely with a full access control from the comfort of your workbench. But does the rapid use of CIS spell the death knell for traditional storage? And how are we to achieve “Green Storage“? This podcast throws light on:

  • What is traditional storage?
  • What is cloud storage?
  • Advantages & disadvantages of both technologies
  • Cloud storage signals the end of traditional storage. Right?
  • What are enterprises using today?
  • Verdict on which of the storage products you should use

About The Speaker

Shrinivas Kulkarni

Senior Principal QA Engineer

He is an expert in Storage & FileSystem domain with a focus on SAN technologies on Linux platform. He has over 11 years’ experience, working on storage technologies like FileSystem, SAN, NAS, Cloud storage.