Docker Networking 101

Docker Networking 101

Calsoft’s latest podcast talks about Docker’s native networking capabilities and the technologies involved. With the added functionality of Docker v1.9, product companies would not be able to turn a blind eye to it. Listen in if you want to know more about the Docker bridge network, the Container Network Model (CNM) and the new multi-host connectivity support using overlay networks. Network plugins for Docker are covered as well. Some key takeaways from the podcast are:

  • Networking on Docker v1.9
  • The bridge network driver and it’s functionality
  • Native multi-host network support
  • What is the Container Network Model (CNM)?
  • What options do Kubernetes and Mesos provide for Docker networking?

About The Speaker

Hrushikesh Pataskar

Principal Development Engineer

Hrushikesh is a Principal Development Engineer at Calsoft. He has designed and implemented Linux kernel drivers, user space system software and REST based APIs for various applications. He is now currently working on the Docker ecosystem, primarily on Docker Networking.