Docker Based Framework for Scalability Testing

Docker Based Framework for Scalability Testing

The cloud ecosystem is ruling the roost at the moment and it is only set to grow. Organizations are using a mix of cloud ecosystems and deployments are on the rise. And that’s changed a lot for cloud vendors; automated orchestration, networking at scale with overlays and storage provisioning to name a few. Due to this, cloud providers and their vendors are facing a burning issue of scalability as it requires modifying both hardware and software architecture/components. This podcast speaks in depth about:

  • Problems that arose from the extensive cloud adoption
  • What do the products have to scale to
  • Verification is one of the biggest challenges
  • Containerization
  • Docker and it’s part to play in solving the biggest problems
  • Build and usage of a scalability test framework

About The Speaker

Nitin Singhvi

Associate Director

Nitin is a technology guru and has over 12 years’ experience working in networking and data center technologies. Currently he is looking after advanced technologies like SDN, OpenStack, Container ecosystem, etc. His area of interest and his forte is Docker.