Debunking QA Myths for Flash Based Arrays

Debunking QA Myths for Flash Based Arrays

The storage industry is moving towards the flash based array (AFA & HFA) systems, and there is an increase in demand of evaluations/testing such solutions. Testing a traditional storage is tough enough but flash evaluations/testing are even more complicated. This webinar aims at various testing aspects of flash based arrays and the right approach of testing/evaluating AFAs from a basic FTL up till Application layer/testing.

Key Takeaways :

  • Understanding of flash based arrays ecosystem
  • Key differences with regards to traditional storage
  • Performance & latency benchmarking
  • Test approach towards testing flash based algorithms
  • Automation

About The Speaker

Ravindra Singh

Lead Architect, Storage QA

Ravindra is a Lead Architect, Storage QA at Calsoft who’s prior experience for a few years was devising test solutions for flash based arrays and flash based server side solutions {PCIe based flash cards}. Currently he is responsible for flash based arrays solutions test areas for various clients associated with Calsoft. He is primarily involved in architecting the QA solutions for flash vendors at Calsoft.