CI-CD Evolution: Jenkins to Jenkinsfile to Jenkins X

CI-CD Evolution: Jenkins to Jenkinsfile to Jenkins X

Continuous integration and deployment is an automation process that allows changes made to get deployed and reflect instantly. Though there are many CI CD tools like Travis, Bamboo, Gitlab, this podcast will entail a deep dive into Jenkins as the tool is very popular currently.

Nilesh will also be talking about the three phases that Calsoft used to provide better solution to its client.

  1. Standard Legacy Jenkins
  2. Jenkins File
  3. Jenkins X

The audience will in addition be able to comprehend how CI-CD has evolved from using Jenkins File to Jenkins X.

About The Speaker

Nilesh Arte

Technology Lead

Nilesh Arte is a technology lead at Calsoft spearheading the DevOps function. Nilesh possesses an extensive experience of 12 years in the field of CI-CD. Currently, he is managing many critical projects of the same nature at Calsoft.