5G: Need, Evolution and its Functional Architecture

5G: Need, Evolution and its Functional Architecture

Revolution in the next-generation wireless communication – 5G is expected to provide the connections that would be at least 40 times faster than 4G technology. This podcast gives us an overview of the 5G technology, its need, evolution and functional architecture. In the course of this podcast, Kiran explains in detail the functional architecture of 5G technology layer by layer, a revolution of 5G and its impact on the global economy, players working on 5G hardware and the role of Calsoft in this revolution.

About The Speaker

PS Kiran Kundurthi

Associate Technical Manager

Kiran is Associate Technical Manager in Networking and Cloud Business Unit at Calsoft. He has over 12 years of rich experience in Networking and wireless domain. Previously he worked with Mojo Networks.