Is the hype with Public Cloud Storage real?

Public cloud storage has seen phenomenal growth in recent years as a result of the market response to major adjustments in terms of the digital revolution caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of flexible & cost-effective public cloud storage services in this shift. The role of large public cloud solution providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure are getting in the depths by offering vertically to cater to the everyday need of individuals and businesses. The prominent services leveraged by individuals and businesses, and enabled by the public cloud include collaboration, virtual business events, entertainment, shopping, telemedicine, and education. This research article explores the in-and-out of the public cloud storage market and its growth in recent times.

This research report sheds light on some of the crucial topics mentioned below:
  • The growing significance of Cloud Storage
  • Why is Public Cloud a preferred option?
  • 5 key factors that are driving the adoption of public cloud storage
  • Cloud Migration Movement
  • Major challenges & benefits in Public Cloud
  • Top 3 players in Public Cloud Storage
  • Growth of Public Cloud Partners

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