Cloud Native Development

An enterprise has a plethora of in-house and third-party applications that usually run on-premise. Enterprises are re-engineering their legacy applications by adopting cloud-native architecture. Cloud-native technologies help develop applications packaged in containers that are deployed as microservices and manage infrastructure through agile DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows. Businesses can leverage cloud-native architectures to shape their future while staying relevant in a quickly changing industry and increasing customer demands. We combine our rich domain experience in Compute, Storage, Networking, and emerging technologies like AI/ML to help our customers create robust cloud-native applications.
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Containerization is the way to go for faster and secure development and deployment of applications. Containerized applications are also easy to scale and highly portable. Calsoft enables product companies to develop secure solutions that extend customers’ legacy applications into new container ecosystems, while empowering them with the necessary tools to manage the platform.


Microservices architecture for Identity Management application

Calsoft worked on converting the monolithic architecture of an identity service management product to microservices-based architecture to achieve more scalability.

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Development of Cloud-based SDP Product

Calsoft collaborated as an engineering development partner for developing end-to-end on-premises Central Security Engine to manage the large scale anti-virus agents in the customer’s network.

Microservices Implementation

Microservices implementations help developers focus on the core business logic instead of rumbling around the cycle of application development. This complex model of microservices needs support for orchestration, container management, and container security. We assist customers with Microservices implementation, container orchestration in a dockerized environment using Kubernetes, messaging, monitoring clusters, framework development, and more.


Service Mesh Implementation

Service mesh enables changes to service operations by creating an image of a container without changing the actual code. For microservices implementation over extended periods, developers may face issues in managing the services overload and service-to-service communication. But in the case of service mesh, the developers can focus on innovation and value addition. Service mesh implementation can be a daunting task and Calsoft helps in reducing this effort by assisting in faster deployment.

Deployment, Update, and Auto-scaling
Serverless Modelling

Serverless Application

Serverless computing enables developers to build applications faster and without the need to manage infrastructure. Calsoft enables organizations with efficient development and deployment of serverless applications, simplifying the process of code deployment, scalability, and maintenance operations, regardless of the type of server being provisioned.

Consumption-based Pricing
Hybrid Data Center

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