Managing IT operations on a daily basis can become exhaustive and unproductive. Bringing intelligence in terms of automation, process optimization, analytics with proper planning and execution can help IT teams focus on core issues and improve employee productivity. Calsoft helps organizations with consulting services and assists in implementing the best-fit solution to automate their IT operations for improved efficiency, performance, and productivity.
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We help our customers with end-to-end cloud solutions to take their IT operations on the unified cloud model, which helps them resolve issues faster and provides the much-required flexibility, improving response and resolution time. 

AWS Direct Connect integration with Storage Array

Calsoft helped a storage Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to integrate its storage array in AWS cloud through AWS Direct Connect.

Our Offerings:

Custom Architecture Development
Cloud Engineering
Feature Benchmarking
Cloud Modernization
Proof of Concept
Application Migration

Applied Intelligence

Companies tend to take the everyday data generated for granted. However, applying intelligence to this data can prove to be useful in accelerating the response time, timely updates, and optimizing the business processes smartly. Our offerings include:

Prototype Development
AI/ML-based Solutions
End-to-end Product Development
IoT Ecosystem
Usability Engineering & Multilingual Support
Advanced Analytics
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Cloud-based Wi-Fi Controller

Calsoft leveraged Wi-Fi user and AP analytics for VAS and performance improvement.

Embedded Security

We help embed operational security into the IT processes for better risk management, threat detection, and response. Our offerings include:

End-point Security Agent for Solaris and AIX

Calsoft developed an end-point security agent on Solaris and AIX, which is a lightweight software agent that is installed in the OS of any server, VM or container.

Our Offerings:

Test Strategy
End-to-end Test Execution
Endpoint Security
Test Automation
Data Security

Ecosystem Integration

Heterogeneity in the usage of various tools for IT operations can add delays into the process and make it more complex. Integrating existing applications and tools in a unified ecosystem can help save on time and cost. Our offerings include:

On-site Testing & Deployment
Platform Integration
Feature Enhancement
Application Integration
Integration, Porting, and Migration
Cloud Integration
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Cloud Integration for Security Product

Calsoft helped the customer integrate their product on AWS for customer onboarding.

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

Key Highlights
NFV Infrastructure (NFVi): Deployment Automation on Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP)

Calsoft is engaged with the client in enhancement of the RHOSP based NFVi deployment automation.

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