SMB Characterization

SMB Characterization

SMB characterization is a piece of technology that few know about, but is the foundation of our current world. With applications ranging from streaming to setting up virtual desktops, from big data analysis to archival, it is an invisible – yet vital – part of our daily lives.

On this episode of the Calsoft Podcast, special guest Akshay Chandelkar takes a close look at SMB characterization, and shares the fruits of his experience working on those systems. In this episode, Akshay discusses:

  • Workload Characterization
  • The Evolution of SMB and NFS
  • Use Cases for Characterization
  • Setting Up Ideal Test Environments

About The Speaker

Akshay Chandelkar

Akshay Chandelkar is an associate QA architect with Calsoft for the past 3 years, with expertise in Storage , Networking and Virtualization domains. He has around 15 years of experience in QA, and has worked on various storage and data protection products like Pillar Data , Veritas Netbackup , Qlogic FC , Ethernet, converged network adapters and HCI.