Product Development the Behavior Driven Way

Business leaders are in a tough spot to roll out products in a timely fashion with high quality or risk losing market share. Technology ever changing has simultaneously enforced a change in product development methods. Whilst the waterfall model still forms the backbone of most development, Agile has put to bed the archaic models and has made product development real time. Behaviour driven development has evolved out of the Agile model to involve all stakeholders right from the outset of product development and in a tailored way with an emphasis on test development.

This podcast throws light on:

  • How has development evolved over the years?
  • What is behaviour driven development (BDD)?
  • Pros and cons of BDD
  • The typical use cases of doing BDD
  • Can BDD be inserted in the middle of development?
  • What are anti-patterns?
  • Future of BDD

About The Speaker

Jayant Ahirrao

Senior Software Engineer, Calsoft

Jayant comes with experience in developing backend frameworks. He has been instrumental in designing product architecture as per project and business case needs which enables him to deliver world class quality products.