Calsoft Makes a Strategic Geographical Expansion with New Office in Indore, Aims to Hire Best Talent for Multiple Product Engineering Positions

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  • Calsoft Makes a Strategic Geographical Expansion with New Office in Indore, Aims to Hire Best Talent for Multiple Product Engineering Positions

Calsoft is hiring experienced professionals as well as freshers in Python, Python Automation, Java, UI Development, SRE/NOC Support, and C# / .NET Development.  

SAN JOSE, June 23, 2022 

With its fast–growing business, Calsoft Inc. – a leading digital product engineering service provider – is scaling up by expanding its offices and development centers strategically. Indore is the next strategic destination for a new Calsoft office, which will bring on local talent from the smartest city in India. As digital transformation is rampant across industries from around the world, the organization is catering to this growing demand for product engineering Storage & Networking, Cloud, Virtualization, IoT, Big Data & Analytics by establishing new premises and hiring innovative minds.  

Today, the organization has a strong presence in India’s leading tech hubs such as Pune, Bengaluru and Kolkata. These locations have helped us procure the best of the best in technology and innovation. Our current talent pool from these cities has successfully transformed digital products for more than 500 companies – ISVs, enterprises, corporations, and startups – across the globe.  

To move forward, Calsoft has set its eyes on Indore, one of the most promising cities for technology services in the country. Indore is considered as the next tech hub of India, where excellent infrastructure meets smart talents. As the only city in India to host two premier institutions – the IIT and the IIM, Indore is prevalently known for its educational merit. Local talents from Indore have been trained and educated from the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. From digital administrative governance to smart city initiatives, Indore suits best for Calsoft’s strategic expansion. As an organization, we also take pride in setting up our new base in the cleanest and the smartest city in the country.  

Our upcoming engineering center in Indore will be our 6th strategic establishment. We trace our steps back from San Jose and our development HQs & offices across Pune, followed by amplifying our workforce in Bengaluru and Kolkata, to now starting a new journey in Indore, India’s next tech destination.  

Calsoft’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Anupam Bhide, counts this expansion as the “best move for being future-ready”.  

According to Anupam, “Calsoft is at the cusp of becoming one of the strongest service providers in the global digital product engineering landscape. This year, we will be entering into partnerships with more leaders in storage, data center technology, and networking domains. With Indore’s talented tech community, we can add more innovators to our teams and excel masterfully in these upcoming projects. Our fast-growing business will also open doors for Indore’s local tech specialists to work with some of the biggest product companies in the world. Personally, I look forward to working with the best from Indore’s technology circles.” 

On this new chapter, Parag Kulkarni, Head of Engineering and COO, affirms, “To sustain leadership in digital product engineering services at a global scale, Calsoft was searching for a new location to gain geographical flexibility as well as access to exceptional talent. Our 23 successful years of transforming software products has brought us right to the heart of India – Indore, where we aim to bring in smart engineers and innovative developers from the local community.”  

Parag also added, “We enable multiple Fortune 500 companies with our peerless solutions in storage, networking, virtualization, cloud, and emerging technologies. Today, we work with 8 out of the top 10 storage vendors in the world, who have been our prevailing customers. For tech professionals in Indore, we can provide ample opportunities to work with these exclusive projects at a global scale. Being recognized as a trusted technology service provider, Calsoft will bring more than 800 engineering projects in IoT, AI/ML, data analytics, and data center domains to Indore’s tech community.”  

Calsoft’s upcoming establishment in Indore will also mark its second strategic expansion this year, where it started off by setting up our new development center in Kolkata in early 2022.  

With Indore, Calsoft will begin its next phase in empowering future-ready digital products with India’s cleanest amenities and smartest people!  

For details on open positions in Indore, please reach out to us:  

More information to be announced soon. 

About Calsoft   

Calsoft, with its data engineering expertise and established processes, has partnered with ISVs and product companies in various growth stages to achieve the next milestone in their digital transformation journey. We are also the preferred product engineering services partner to ISVs in the Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, IoT, and Analytics domains. Our solution accelerators and frameworks augment go-to-market plans and expedite product launches to meet customers’ business goals. With our US headquarters in San Jose and India headquarters in Pune, we also have R&D centers in Bengaluru and Kolkata.