Calsoft delves deeper into IoT and Data management segments; eyes a sizable market share

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  • Calsoft delves deeper into IoT and Data management segments; eyes a sizable market share

The company strengthened its portfolio by introducing Digital Transformation solutions for Technology companies as well as Enterprises promising agility and engineering innovation.

June 2019 – San Jose, California: Calsoft Inc., a global leader in delivering product engineering and professional services across Datacenter and Cloud Technologies, is observing successful completion of multiple engagements around IoT, Machine Learning, UI/UX and custom dashboards for IoT platforms. In last half a decade, the company invested heavily in terms of resources and proactive R&D efforts to tap into relatively newer areas other than their traditional Datacenter product engineering portfolio.

Forestalling a progressive surge in technology, Calsoft set a milestone for itself and the industry by jumping the new-areas bandwagon nearly 3 years before many could grasp this variation and delved deep into the IoT and Data management segment. The outcome entailed nothing less than marvellous niche projects that duly delivered exceptional business value to customers in the capacities of analytics on and off the edge using Machine learning, UI/UX and custom application development, Data visualization and custom dashboards for IoT platforms, AI and ML – Ops companies.

The organisation is offering cutting edge solutions for IoT Data management in the form of Security, Analytics, Edge computing, Cloud data management, and cloud native compute. Advance guard solutions such as Energy Management in IoT applications, IoT and Datacenter monitoring and predictive maintenance, Integrations with Azure IoT Hub, UI for Multiple utility AI Algorithms have been furnished across verticals like manufacturing, asset management, automotive and healthcare. Calsoft also currently has a plethora of projects that are being catered to in the same light.

In a quick chat Parag Kulkarni, Chief Operating Officer at Calsoft stated “As IoT has taken centre stage in the technology landscape, Calsoft has been ardently spearheading and providing IoT data management solutions thus enabling customers to optimize devices and functionalities while also developing new products and solutions. Challenges such as heterogeneity of IoT data, discrepancies in real time data screening, network, endpoint or data security and data integration have been well comprehended and provisioned for by us.”

In a recent interaction at the SNIA SDC Bengaluru 2019, Vipin Shankar – AVP Engineering, Calsoft, mentioned that rigorous strategies have been adopted for investing a marginal chunk of their resources towards building solutions focused on cost-effective data management architectures with built-in abilities to integrate and analyse data more rapidly. “It feels like a roller coaster ride when I think of how data management has progressed from the age old mechanisms to the present-day IoT data management solution. Here at Calsoft, with the expertise we possess in data dynamics for almost 21 years, this new aspect of data management is an anticipated and welcome approach and we are now in the process of providing advanced solutions for the IoT data managing challenges posed by the industry”, stated Vipin.

About Calsoft

Calsoft is ISV preferred product engineering services partner in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, IoT and analytics domains. Our solution accelerators and frameworks augment go-to-market plans and expedite product launches to meet customer business goals. With the US headquarters in San Jose and India headquarters in Pune, Calsoft also has a presence in Bangalore.