Open RAN Services

5G Open RAN (Radio Access Network) is a new approach to building mobile network infrastructure that allows for more flexibility and diversity in the components used to build the network. Open RAN enables network operators to mix and match different vendors’ equipment and software to create a more cost-effective, open, and interoperable network architecture. 

With Open RAN, the RAN components are based on open and interoperable standards, which enables multi-vendor interoperability and competition. 

In the context of Open RAN, Calsoft can play a significant role in several areas, such as: 

Solution Design

Solution Design

Calsoft can work works with Open RAN vendors to design and develop solutions that meet their specific requirements. This includes developing custom software and hardware components, integrating third-party software and hardware components, and testing and validating the solution. 

Integration and Testing

Calsoft helps in performing interoperability testing with other vendors’ components and provides feedback to improve the overall solution. We help Open RAN vendors integrate and test their solutions with other components in the Open RAN ecosystem, such as virtualized RAN (vRAN) software, Radio Units (RUs), and core network elements. 

Solution Design

Software Development

Calsoft has expertise in software development for telecom products, including Open RAN components such as vRAN software, baseband processing (DU and CU), and network management software. Specifically, RAN Intelligence Controller (RIC) involves microservices and analytics that can open the marketplace to third parties or different stakeholders. Calsoft expertise can develop x-Apps in the Near RT RIC, r-Apps in Non-RT RIC, and support AI/ML analytics in the Service and Management Orchestration (SMO). 



Calsoft performs security assessments, develop security frameworks, and best practices, and implement security features in the Open RAN solution. 

To know more about how we can align our expertise to your requirements, reach out to us.

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