Data Governance: Resolving Data Challenges in the Retail Sector

Data-driven decision-making is the foundation for driving scalable and global operations for retail enterprises. One of the biggest hurdles faced is lack of credibility of data which hampers the business decisions. Which pushes executives to fall back to decision-making that is instinctive but compartmentalized.
This research article explains the un-addressed need for data governance in a large retail enterprise, the anticipated value of a structured Data Governance program tailored for your enterprise, and how Calsoft is your best choice of partner on your Data Governance initiative.
Whether you need a rapid Assessment and Roadmap to round out your Data Strategy, or want to build your Data Quality Management Platform on open source foundations, Calsoft’s Data Governance services provide the tools, processes, and knowledge you need to be delivered using an engagement model tailored for your need, your budget and your timeline.

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Major Data Challenges faced by Retailers:

Multiple Stages in Buyer’s Journey

Outdated Data Management Practices

Data Security

Value Impact of Data Governance:

Project Planning and Change Management

Data Quality Improvement

Augment and (eventually) Replace Tribal Knowledge

Ensuring Compliance

Unlocking the doors to fully Monetizing your Data

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