The Business Case for Being VMware Ready

The Business Case for Being VMware Ready

vStorage API for Array Integration or VAAI is the storage hardware certification for vSphere and it is a set of APIs that offload specific storage operations to compliant storage hardware for improved performance and efficiency. Virtual machines management operations and deployment can be performed faster, using less ESXi CPU, memory and bandwidth. VAAI provides cost-effective and high-performance storage solutions for meeting the needs of virtualization. VMware’s certification program ensures that customers can utilize these benefits when they’re using VMware-certified storage or be VMware Ready.

This podcast throws light on:

  • Prerequisites of VAAI and how to implement it?
  • VAAI primitives for NAS and SAN
  • How does one understand if it’s a VAAI enabled box?
  • What happens if I have VAAI enabled on the host but some of my disk arrays do not support it?
  • What is the business case/use case where VAAI could be used?

About The Speaker

Anmol Chaudhary

Senior QA Engineer

Anmol Chaudhari is a Senior QA Engineer at Calsoft and she works in the storage and virtualization technologies. She has primarily worked on SAN, NAS, iSCSI protocol, flash based array testing, LVM, RAID, NFS, CIFS and SAMBA.