Storage Performance Evaluation & Benchmarking

Storage Performance Evaluation & Benchmarking

Storage products are developed at a breakneck speed and the quality and time to market dictate the adoption rate. Naturally, product companies are innovating to deliver high quality products. Storage performance testing and the redefined contours take precedence in our latest podcast. The podcast sheds light on metrics and terminologies used in performance testing or benchmarking. It also helps identify tools and methodologies for testing block, file and object storage pertaining to SAN and NAS storage solutions. There has been a special focus on understanding intricacies of working of OS internals, storage configurations and network configurations to arrive at the correct evaluation of the storage performance and analyzing it for reporting them in Marketing collaterals and technical whitepapers or submission to vendor neutral agencies for customer education.

The order of information dissipation of this podcast is:

  • What is Storage performance evaluation?
  • Why would storage vendors need to do performance benchmarking?
  • What are the parameters that are needed to be reported?
  • What are the business benefits of getting these numbers?
  • What are the use cases for this?

About The Speaker

Taizun Kachwala

QA Architect

Taizun Kachwala has 18+ Yrs experience having worked for Product & Service based Enterprise companies at different levels. He has helped his team by providing his expertise on testing of the underlying Product –be it Hardware based or Software based. He has performed Performance evaluation, analysis & benchmarking of Storage for different Use Cases ranging from iSCSI, NAS & DAS storage technologies to High Performance filesystems & Flash based Caching filesystems.