Gearing up for the NFV Revolution

Gearing up for the NFV Revolution

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is gaining momentum with service providers in order to achieve agility in offering services to mobile and wired broadband subscribers. NFV enables operators to build viable business offerings through lower Capex and Opex by leveraging cloud based software technologies and using COTS hardware.

The podcast provides deeper insights into functioning of NFV and covers aspects related to:

  • The NFV technology stack
  • Role of NFV open source communities
  • Advance concepts such as data plane acceleration and service function chaining (SFC)

The podcast also presents case studies of NFV implementation and deployment by Calsoft Inc. for their customers.

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About The Speaker

Kiran Divekar

Networking Architect

Kiran has 17 years of experience working on the networking domain, SDN, NFV, OpenVswitch, DPDK, VMware NSX, Cloud computing, Docker, Linux System Software, Networking and Embedded Systems. He has delivered several sessions on Kernel programming, Linux Architecture. Kiran is recognized for his understanding of Networking stack, Linux Kernel Stack and embedded systems.

Pavan Gupta

Networking Architect

Pavan has 18 years of experience in the wireless networking, wireless telecom and embedded domain. He has worked as technical lead and architect for Cisco’s Mobile Internet Technology Group (MITG). As a Product Manager, Pavan was responsible for building a cloud based WLAN controller solution for a tier-1 4G operator in India.